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27th October marks the release date for the much-anticipated Assamese film “Raghav,” a project that promises to leave a profound mark in regional cinema.

Guwahati, Assam – In a state known for its rich culture, scenic beauty, and diverse artistic expressions, “Raghav” emerges as a cinematic masterpiece that captivates hearts and minds alike. This Assamese gem, directed by Jatin Bora and written by Abhijit Bhattacharya, is set to take audiences on an extraordinary journey into the life of Raghav, a taxi driver played by Jatin Bora himself. With an ensemble cast featuring talented actors such as Nishita Goswami, Mridula Baruah, Sumi Borah, Jivitesh Mazumdar, Hiranya Deka, Bibhuti Bhushan Hazarika, and Chinmoy Kataki, “Raghav” brings together a blend of talent, passion, and vision to the silver screen.



The man behind the magic, producer Jatin Bora, is no stranger to success. Following the widespread acclaim of his previous work, “Ratnakar,” he had a vision for something even greater: “Raghav.” In a recent Facebook post, he shared his dream and the journey behind it, stating, “Since the very day ‘Ratnakar’ got widely accepted throughout Assam, we have started dreaming something bigger. The dream was ‘Raghav.’ From the screenplay to the editing table, our concern was to put ‘Raghav’ on a wider scale than any other Assamese movie earlier.” It’s a testament to the dedication and ambition of the entire team involved in the project.

“Raghav” is set to be a cinematic milestone, and the excitement is palpable across the region as the release date approaches. The story of Raghav, the taxi driver, resonates with audiences, promising moments of laughter, tears, and profound reflections on the journey of life. It’s a movie that brings Assamese culture and storytelling to the forefront while maintaining universal themes that appeal to all.


The film boasts an impressive soundtrack, with music composed by the multi-talented Zubeen Garg. These soulful compositions, along with the breathtaking cinematography by Pradip Daimary, create a mesmerizing visual and auditory experience that complements the emotional depth of the narrative. Every frame in “Raghav” showcases the natural beauty of Assam, enhancing the audience’s connection with the characters and the story.


The attention to detail is evident throughout the movie, from the costumes designed by Navanita Sharma Bora to the sound design by Debajit Changmai. The background music, crafted by Ajay Singha, adds depth and emotion to the scenes, resonating with viewers on a profound level.

Released Date

As the release date of 27th October approaches, all eyes are on “Raghav.” It’s a cinematic journey that promises to take the audience on a ride of a lifetime, leaving an indelible mark on Assamese cinema and beyond.


With an exceptional team behind the project, including Jatin Bora, the visionary producer, and director, Jatin Bora, “Raghav” is poised to set a new standard in regional filmmaking. The cheering of entire Assam is echoing in anticipation of this momentous event, as “Raghav” prepares to grace the silver screen.

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Faq, Download Raghav

When is the release date for “Raghav”?

“Raghav” is set to release on the 27th of October.

Who are the key figures behind the film’s creation?

The film is directed by Jatin Bora and written by Abhijit Bhattacharya. Jatin Bora is also the producer, and the cast includes talented actors such as Nishita Goswami, Mridula Baruah, Sumi Borah, and more.

What’s the significance of “Raghav” in Assamese cinema?

“Raghav” is expected to make a profound mark in regional cinema by combining rich storytelling with stunning visuals and an emotional narrative.

How has the film been received by the producer, Jatin Bora?

Jatin Bora expressed his vision for “Raghav” and his dedication to making it a cinematic milestone through a recent Facebook post.

What can we expect from “Raghav”?

“Raghav” promises a captivating story that resonates with audiences, featuring a remarkable soundtrack, mesmerizing cinematography, and meticulous attention to detail.