Dhakuakhana normal school-নৰ্মাল স্কুল ঢকুৱাখনা 2023

Normal School Dhakuakhana is a leading educational institution in the Dhakuakhana subdivision. Over four decades, the institute has been providing educational opportunities in Dhakuakhana and the surrounding areas.

Dhakuakhana Normal school, Logo

Normal school Dhakuakhana Logo
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In the early days, When someone asked why the Dhakuakhana subdivision is famous, it is said to be famous for muga art and Normal school Dhakuakhana.

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Dhakuakhana normal school

Normal School Dhakuakhana has been a training ground for teachers from Lakhimpur and throughout Assam. Many aspiring teachers have sought out training at this school, as it became a requirement for those seeking teaching positions.

In recent years, particularly in 2018 and 2019, a significant number of graduates from the school have been appointed to various schools across the state.

Currently, 100 trainees are enrolled in the D.El.Ed program at the Normal School Dhakuakhana under the Assam State Institute of Educational Research as the D.El.Ed diploma is a mandatory requirement for those seeking an appointment as a teacher in primary and secondary schools.

The duration of this diploma is two years. A total of four semesters. It is desirable to pass the PET examination conducted by the State Council of Educational Research and Training for admission to D.El.Ed course.

Normal School Dhakuakhana is located on the banks of the Sarikaria river nearer to Dhakuakhana town. There is a public playground in front of the school, also known as the Normal School Playground.

Logo Policies

It appears that there is currently no official logo or website for the Normal School Dhakuakhana. Any logos that are found online have not been officially released by the government or school authorities and are not recognized by them.

The logos available here are not intended for official use. These are for the convenience of students and various learning purposes, but if the school authorities find them suitable, they may be used.

Photoshop, Logo maker, etc. software has been used to create these logos. These can be used for offline purposes only. These logos have been digitally displayed and cannot be used on any kind of online platform.

Normal school Dhakuakhana

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  1. Where is the Normal school in Dhakuakhana?

    Normal school Dhakuakhana

    Dhakuakhana normal school is situated in Lakhimpur, Assam, near Dhakuakhana town.

  2. What is the logo for the Normal school Dhakuakhana?

    No official logo of Normal school Dhakuakhana is available online. You can download the unofficial logo from this website.